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World of chillies

Welcome to OrganicLea’s World of Chillies. At our Hawkwood site, we grow and save seed from over 50 cultivars of chilli, a living library in which most of the world’s regions are represented, and all of its continents – except for Antarctica! We love chillies because they are beautiful and productive; and they play a role in virtually every culinary culture on this planet.

Wondering how hot the chillies you have in your veg bag are?

Thinking of ordering a load of chillies for making a sauce?

Or just fascinated by the pepper plant?

Whichever, we hope you find our World of Chillies pages useful.

Note: the OrganicLea Heat Rating is a rough guide, agreed by our tasting panel will sit occasionally at lunchtimes in the garden. 1 unit corresponds roughly to 10,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) with 10 + being above 100,000. It’s a matter of taste, but a rating of 1 is very mild, 4 medium, 6 hot and 10+ very hot to ludicrously hot.

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