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Join OrganicLea’s flower CSA and help wild pollinators

Over the last two years at Hawkwood under our BeeWild project we have been surveying and creating habitat and planting more flower forage for wild pollinator insects. To fund this ongoing work in summer 2020 we are selling bunches of freshly cut flowers from our establishing Bee Border!

In a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme, supporters buy a share of the produce ahead of the season. For us, this means we know in advance how much funding we have towards growing pollinator plants and can put the work in upfront.

Conventional cut flowers greet us in every supermarket, but over 85% are imported, mostly air-freighted from Kenya, and grown using copious amounts of chemical fertilisers and pesticides (including the highly toxic DDT) – meaning that even the smallest bunch comes with a huge environmental and carbon cost.

We’re growing a range of beautiful and locally grown cut flowers that are truly sustainable and ethically grown, and as (or even more) attractive to the wild bees as they are on your kitchen table.

How does it work?

To become a supporter of our BeeWild Bunches, buy a share of seasonal cut flowers from our BeeWild border from June through to September. You can choose to receive your flowers weekly or fortnightly and they work out as less than £18 per bunch.

These bunches will be available to collect from The Hornbeam Cafe in Walthamstow or our growing site in Chingford from 3pm on Thursdays. Over time we hope to offer bunches from other pick-up points.

We ask for payment for the whole flower season to support our work, so if you’re going on holiday at some point, why not have a friend collect and enjoy your flowers while you’re away?

Sample bunch
Sample bunch

Join our Flower CSA now

17 weeks of fresh flowers, from w/c 1st June through to w/c 21st September: £300
Biweekly (9 weeks) from w/c 1st June through to w/c 21st September: £160


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One-off bunches

You can also support this project by buying one-off bunches for £20, for yourself or as a gift that can be collected from one of three locations. These need to be ordered by Wednesdays by 1pm and can be picked up from the Hornbeam or Leytonstone stall on Saturday between 10am and 3pm, or on Friday after 1pm from our growing site in Chingford.

Special occasion?

The bunches we’re offering through our CSA programme are simply harvested and gathered without arrangement. If you’re looking for flowers for a special occasion, we can provide seasonal, sustainable and locally grown bouquets, buttonholes, arrangements or buckets of seasoned flowers for you to work with. Drop a line to tsouni@organiclea.org.uk to discuss.

Flower bouquet
Sample bouquet