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Farinata, Agrodolce Aubergine and braised Kale

Farinata, Agrodolce Aubergine and braised Kale

Danny says: This is a simple lovely dish that you can enjoy throughout the year with many different toppings. Farinata, a thin Chickpea Pancake, originates in Genoa but has many different relatives all over Italy and the south of France; Panelle, Torta di Ceci, Panisse, Socca, Cecina etc. All of equal deliciousness of golden brown, crispy Chickpea goodness. Here I paired it with some Agrodolce/ sweet and sour Aubergine and some twice cooked kale. Perfect as part of a main meal or if you have guests a delicious snack with an Aperitif whilst enjoying the abundance and the last rays of summer sun.



250g chickpea flour / gram flour
450ml cold water
Pinch of salt
20 sage leaves

Agrodolce Aubergine 

1 Aubergine, cut into 3cm²
20ml extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Garlic cloves, thinly sliced
20g Pine nuts, toasted
20g golden Sultanas
80ml good quality Red Wine/ Sherry Vinegar
½  tbsp Muscovado Sugar
Pinch salt
40ml Water

Braised kale

300g kale, Washed and steamed
3 Garlic cloves, thinly sliced
Pinch dried Chilli flakes
30ml Extra Virgin Olive Oill

For the Aubergine, heat a glug of extra virgin olive and colour your Aubergine till golden brown, once done set a side wipe your pan and in a bit more oil gently saute your garlic then add Water, Sugar, Sultanas and Vinegar and reduce to a syrup consistency. Put your Aubergines back in the pan with the Pine Nuts and cook for a further 5 mins to bring together, season with Salt, Pepper and some more Olive Oil.

For the kale, bring pan of water to the boil cook the kale till tender then drain and squeeze out some of the moisture. Roughly chop and in a medium hot pan fry of the garlic and chilli, reduce the heat and add the kale, cook for a further 5 mins and season.

For Pancakes, whisk the ingredients together into a batter with the consistency of single cream. Ideally you would leave the batter to sit over night, but for 2 hours is fine in which time it will bubble and thicken a little. In a non stick frying pan heat some Olive Oil, then take a ladle of batter and swish it around the pan as you would a Pancake, you are aiming for something about 5mm in thickness. Give it a twist of Pepper, a pinch of Salt and arrange some Sage leaves over. Once the edges are crisp, lift to check the underside. When it is deep golden put under a hot grill until golden brown.

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