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Daniel Garland’s sour tumeric courgette curry

Sour tumeric curry of trombetta courgette and green papaya

This week’s recipe for OrganicLea, inspired by the southern sour curries of Thailand but using the late season rhubarb from the veggie box in place of Tamarind.  You can find the rest of the ingredients in most oriental supermarkets, there’s a great one in Leyton. 

Serves 4


1 large trombetta squash, sliced through the centre length ways and then in 3 (or use 3 regular courgettes)
¼ Green papaya peeled and sliced into 2cm rounds


4 kaffir lime leaves
30g fresh turmeric, peeled
20g fresh galangal, peeled
3 small sticks of rhubarb
4 birds eye chillies
4 thai shallots, peeled
1 lemongrass stalk
20g palm sugar
1tbsp tamari
1 dried birds eye chilli, toasted and ground
4g sichuan pepper, toasted and ground
2g white cardamom, shelled, toasted and ground
1tin of coconut cream
300ml veg stock
2 limes



Few sprigs of thai basil
Few sprigs of sweet basil
2 thinly sliced birds eye chilli
Toasted rice powder
2 thinly Spring onion

Start by scoring the courgette ½ cm deep in a criss cross pattern, drizzel a little tamari over the courgette and put to the side for 1 hour.

Dry the cut side of the courgette and in a medium hot dry pan blacken the courgette, it should take 5mins.

Meanwhile place the ingredients for your curry paste in a high powered blender and blizt till smooth, you may want to add some water to help it along.

In a wok on high heat, place 30g coconut oil in the wok then fry off your curry paste for 4mins then add the veg stock and coconut cream, simmer for 2 min then add your green papaya and blackened courgette and cook till the papaya is just tender.

Taste and Season with lime juice, tamari and more palm sugar. It should be more on the sour side of things.

Plate up and garnish with your herbs and toasted rice powder. Serve with sticky rice.


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