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Organiclea Salad

What’s in your salad?

Mixed salad leaves are OrganicLea’s flagship product for many reasons. As a labour-intensive, highly perishable and high value crop, they are the obvious thing to grow at a small community-supported market garden a mere cycle trailer’s ride from its marketplaces. Ecologically speaking, they allow us to dispatch commercial quantities of one thing whilst sidestepping the dead end of monoculture: last year over 100 different species of plant passed through the mixing trough. The mix evolves through the seasons, summer blend giving way to hardy leaves, plus some trusty year-round favourites, enabling nearly year-round supply. Here’s a guide to what you might find in your salad in OrganicLea’s box scheme at various north-east London restaurants and cafes at different times of the year.

Our salad leaf teatowel only has room for a selection of these leaves – but still makes a colourful addition to your kitchen! Find the teatowel on sale at our Hawkwood farm stall.

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