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Winter salad


Cichorium endivia

Light green leaves which are oval and lightly serrated in Escarole types, or long and highly serrated in Frissee types. Mild chicory/strong lettuce flavour.


Land Cress

Bararrea verna

Round, wavy, deep green, hot and peppery leaves.


Miners Lettuce

Montia perfoliata

Spoon shaped, pale green leaves, sometimes bearing white tiny flowers at centre. Mild, refreshing and slightly succulent, they are high in vitamin C.



Brassica rapa var. nipposinica

Long, deeply notched light green leaves with a mild Chinese cabbage flavour.


Salad Rocket

Eruca sativa

Lobed, mid green leaves with a now well-known tangy flavour.


Mustard – Giant Red

Brassica juncea

Large, scalloped oval green/purple leaves. High in fibre and vitamin E, the flavour is raw cabbage giving way to heat: like Colman’s in leaf form


Corn Salad

Valerianella locusta

Lance-shaped clusters of small light to dark green leaves. Buttery texture, mild with a floral aftertaste.



Brassica rapa var. nipposinica

Long, smooth edged dark green leaves with a mild Chinese cabbage flavour.


Namenia/Turnip Tops

Brassica campestris

Long, deeply serrated leaves which are mid green with a white mid rib; fresh, mild turnip bite.


Mustard – Green In Snow

Brassica juncea

Smaller, thinner than Giant Red, and even hotter – close to wasabi. Light to mid green colour.


Bean Tips

Vicia faba

Clusters of greygreen leaves. They have a satisfying crunch and a distinct pea/bean flavour.



Anthriscus cerefolium

Feathery paired leaves, mid green and slightly furry. Sweet aniseed/liquorice flavour.



Cichorium intybus

Ranges from long lance-like to round rosette, and can be deep red, pink or green. High in vitamin C, they are crunchy, with coffee flavour, and mild to very bitter.



Nasturtium officinale

Deep green, small round leaves, which are hot and peppery and high in vitamin C, carotene, and calcium.



Spinacea oleracea

Rounded ace-of-spades, deep green leaves with a buttery, rich flavour that turns sweet with cold. It’s high in folate and vitamin B2.


Kale – Red Russian

Brassica oleracea

Serrated lilac/light green leaves with a broccoli flavour. Voted Hawkwood volunteers’ winter salad of the year 2011! Very high in potassium, vitamin C and carotene.



Sedum spectible

Toothed, oval, silver grey leaves which are juicy.

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