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Winter salad

Endive Cichorium endivia Light green leaves which are oval and lightly serrated in Escarole types, or long and highly serrated in Frissee types. Mild chicory/strong lettuce flavour.   Land Cress Bararrea verna Round, wavy, deep green, hot and peppery leaves. …

Year-round salad

Wild Rocket Diplotaxis spp. Long, highly toothed, mid green leaves with a now well-known strong tangy taste.   Parsley  Petroselinum crispum Rosettes of small light to mid green leaves on long stems. High in vitamin C, and fresh and cleansing.   …

Spring and summer salad

Lettuce Lactuca sativa Salad Bowl: with a lobed ‘oak leaf’ in shades of green, red or red/ green combination, a crisp, mild juicy and slightly bitter leaf, high in fibre, potassium, and vitamins C and E. Lolla Rossa: frilly pink/red …

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