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Year-round salad

Wild Rocket

Diplotaxis spp.

Long, highly toothed, mid green leaves with a now well-known strong tangy taste.



Petroselinum crispum

Rosettes of small light to mid green leaves on long stems. High in vitamin C, and fresh and cleansing.



Beta vulgaris var. cicla

Ace-of-spades leaves, glossy green with striking white/yellow/pink/crimson midribs and veins. Mild flavour with a metallic hint. Very high in carotene, sodium and iron.



Beta vulgaris

Ace-of-spades, slightly serrated leaves. Usually deep red and glossy, with a rich “earthy” beetroot taste.



Bronze Fennel

Foeniculum vulgare

Long, feathery, dark brown-black leaves with a firm texture and sweet aniseed flavour. High in potassium and minerals and with digestive properties.


Leaf Celery

Apium graveolens

Lobed, triple-leaflet, light green leaves with a crunchy texture and strong celery flavour. High in sodium.



Coriandrum sativum

Jagged three-part mid green leaves on a long stem, pungent sweet “curry” flavour; buttery texture.


Sorrel (Broad-leaved)

Rumex acetosa

Lance-shaped light green leaves which are zesty and lemony with thirst-quenching properties.


Pea Shoots  

Pisum sativum

Small rounded pale green leaves with curling tendrils. Crunchy texture and mild pea flavour.


Sorrel (Buckler-leaved)

Rumex scutatus

Similar colour and flavour but the leaves are ace-of-spades shape



Origanum spp.

Small oval green or bright yellow, with strong “herbal lozenge” flavour.

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