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What’s in the bags this week – 25 November

Here are the details of this week’s fruit and veg bags. Tempted? Join our box scheme here.

From OrganicLea in Chingford: Chillies, kale, jerusalem artichokes, cara potatoes, black spanish radish, burgess buttercup squash and salad.
From Sarah Green in Essex: January King cabbage, cavelo nero and red onions.
From Ripple Organic in Kent: Butternut squash, kale and salad.
From Mole End in Kent: Conference pears.
From Hughes Organics in Norfolk: Apples and leeks.
From Bagthorpe Farm in Norfolk: Parsnips, carrots and brown onions.
From Newfields in Yorkshire: Brussels sprouts, swede, carolus potatoes and golden beetroot.
From organic wholesalers Langridge: Broccoli, red dragon mooli (Lincs), bacon avocado, clementines, oranges (Spain) and bananas (Dominican Republic).

Large vegetable bags have carolus potatoes, carrots, brown onions, cavelo nero, january king cabbage, burgess buttercup squash, broccoli, mooli and swede. No potato bags have curly kale.

Standard vegetable bags have carolus potatoes, carrots, red onions, salad, curly kale, butternut squash, jerusalem artichokes and broccoli. No potato bags have black spanish radish.

Medium vegetable bags have carolus potatoes, red onions, cavelo nero, parsnips, leeks and brussels sprouts. No potato bags have golden beetroot.

Small vegetable bags have cara potatoes, carrots, cavelo nero, butternut squash and chillies. No potato bags have brussels sprouts.

Standard fruit bags have apples, bacon avocado, bananas, oranges and conference pears.

Medium fruit bags have apples, avocado, clementines and conference pears.

Small fruit bags have apples, avocado and oranges.

Contents may vary due to availability. Read more about our Farmstart programme here.

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