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Stewed Blackcurrants


Goodbye strawberries, hello blackcurrants! This is our first year of harvest for the blackcurrant plants. They are quite tart so would benefit from some sweetening.  

First remove the currants from any stalks, then in a pan with 1 tablespoon of cold water and 1 tablespoon of sugar or honey, gently bring to the boil, then turn down to a light simmer for 5mins or so. As they break down, taste and add more sugar if necessary.

Stewed like this you can eat hot or cold, and this will keep in your fridge for a good few days – perfect breakfast cereal topping. Or just serve warm with cream or icecream…(half whipped cream, half greek yoghurt and a little tsp of sugar and vanilla essence is a good one for dressing up a simple dessert!).

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