A workers' cooperative growing food on London's edge in the Lea Valley

Britain Feeding Itself

Wednesday 23 January, 7pm at Hornbeam Cafe

In April 2012 eager to learn more about the food system and sustainable rural living Naomi and Pip, two community food growers (and ex-Hawkwood apprentices) cycled out of London to explore farms, small holdings, permaculture sites and low impact communities in the UK. They pedalled over 800 miles through Devon, Dorset, Somerset and South and mid Wales visiting and working on a dozen or so amazing places over 9 months. Now they’re back in London to share what they saw before the next part of they’re adventure.

Come join this event in collaboration with Transition Walthamstow. Pip and Naomi will regale us with tales of their travels, growing tips gleaned  and insights into community living.

No booking necessary.

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