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What’s in the bags this week – 3rd August

What’s in my bag?

From Organiclea in Chingford: Peaches, cucumber, aubergine, courgette, callaloo, basil, chard, shallots, salad, cherry tomatoes and mixed heritage tomatoes.
From Stort Valley Organics in Hertfordshire: Spring onions, kale, parsley, chard and bunched beetroot.
From Ripple Organics in Kent: Green onions, courgettes and green kale.
From Organic Orchards in Essex: Oullins Gage
From Sarah Green in Essex: Beetroot, kohlrabi, patty pan squash, and new Colleen potatoes.
From Capel Mushrooms in Suffolk: White mushrooms
From Wye Orchard Farm in Kent: Aubergines.
From Bagthorpe in Norfolk: Carrots
From Newfields in Yorkshire: Broccoli.
From organic wholesalers Langridge: Yellow plums, Baby water melon (Spain), Guyot pears, White Vitoria grapes, kiwi and oranges (Italy).

Large vegetable bags have New Colleen potatoes, carrots, spring onions, salad, chard, mixed heritage tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, mushrooms and basil. No potato bags have callaloo.
Standard vegetable bags have New Colleen potatoes, carrots, shallots, salad, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, patty pan squash, beetroot and parsley . No potato bags have callaloo.
Medium vegetable bags have New Colleen potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, kale or pointed cabbage, courgette and brocolli. No potato bags have mixed heritage or cherry tomatoes.
Small vegetable bags have New Colleen potatoes, green onions, chard, aubergine and cucumber. No potato bags have kohlrabi.

Standard fruit bags have Oullins gage, peaches, white Vitoria grapes, Guyot pears and kiwi.
Medium fruit bags have peaches, Baby water melon, white Vitoria grapes and kiwi.
Small fruit bags have yellow plums, white Vitoria grapes and Guyot pears.

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