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Give a Grapevine

New vine lease scheme

We have a new scheme, where you can lease a grapevine in our vineyard and receive the wine from your very own vine! If you would like to give a vine as a gift, we can email you a certificate and welcome letter to give to the recipient, and if you want personalised labels on your wine (eg. “To Dad”) then just let us know.

Once ripe, we will harvest the grapes and turn them into organic wine for you. You can choose between red or white wine when picking your vine, and you’re very welcome to come and help with the harvest or winemaking process. Until then, we will send you a seasonal newsletter to let you know how things are coming along in the vineyard. You will also receive a vine cutting to plant in your own garden, with advice on planting and looking after your new vine.

The amount of wine produced from each vine will vary with the harvest, but we guarantee each vine lease will receive at least one bottle of wine per vine. Each vine lease costs £25 for one year.

For more information or to lease a vine, please contact: plants[@]organiclea.org.uk

Or come along to our market stalls on Saturday 12 and Saturday 19 December, and at Blackhorse Workshop night market on Thursday 17 December, to purchase vine leases, handmade chocolates, chutneys, jams, juice, herb teas and fresh fruit and veg!

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