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Radish & Chard Tacos

Thinly slice your radishes and a small onion (or better still a few spring onions!). Combine this with the juice of a lemon, salt, very finely sliced chard or spinach, a finely sliced chilli and small handful of roughly chopped coriander leaves or parsley (optional). Roughly mix by hand. Leave for a night in the fridge if you have time.

Meanwhile, prepare tacos by making a dough of wheat or maize flour, water, and a tiny amount of oil. Squeeze them as thin as you can into flat shapes about the size of a coaster and dry fry them (without oil) on each side until they start to puff up.  Remove from the pan, then add a spoonful of the salsa, and top off with some thinly sliced radish (tip: use a potato peeler or the flat blade available on some graters) to serve.

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