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May 27th: Open Day

Open Sun(ny)day with last Plant Sale: 27 May at Hawkwood

Finally we may get to welcome you to the Hawkwood growing site on a Sunday in May with sunshine! This coming Sunday, 27 May is a last opportunity to pick up vegetable plants (and free compost), participate in a free training slot and shake a shovel and mulch the growing strawberry crop as our monthly Open Day gang gardening task. Guided site tour will also take place. Drop in and pop by! Full details about the day’s activities are below:

* 11-3pm – Plants will be for sale. These have been hand-raised at the growing site and looking particularly vibrant at the moment are:
– A huge range of tomatoes: ‘Tiger Tom’, ‘Gardener’s Delight’ and ‘San Marzano’ (all classics!) and appearing for the first time this week are ‘Berner Rose’ tomato plants (a juicy, pink beef-steak variety) and ‘Burpees Jubilee’ (a larger, sweet yellow tomato – from heritage stock).
– Strawberry plants that will be harvesting in a month’s time: ‘Honeoye’ and ‘Cambridge Favourite’ varieties (sweet and complex tastes!)
– The above will be joined by sweetcorn plants, courgettes, cucumbers, peppers and plugs of rocket, lettuce and chard .. with squash and beans for the early birds!
– Our full range of soft-fruit bushes will be available: Currants and berries galore.
There will be a bargain box of plants that really need to go to a good garden-home this weekend or never .. and free compost if you bring along a sack or 2 to fill up.

.. all plants have been raised in good health inside the glasshouse and are ready to go into the garden sun now!

*2-3pm, for those buying plants, there will be a free taster training hour with one of our growers to help you settle the plants into the garden with aftercare advice.

*12-4pm; as part of our monthly Sunday Open Day fayre we will be:

– working together to get the final mulch around the beds of strawberries in the ‘entrance field’ – preparing for what we hope will be a bumper June crop (available with cream at the June Open Day we hope!) All gardening chatter and cheer welcome!
– lunch break from 1-2pm. Bring a packed lunch if staying for the day.

*3pm – join a guided site tour with one of the Hawkwood team.

Throughout the day – all are welcome to stroll around the growing site and ask questions/share thoughts and observations! And if you can’t make it on Sunday – see our latest grower’s blog post ‘Many Paths’; please enjoy this stroll at http://organiclea.wordpress.com/

Hoping to see you and the sunshine here. For directions to the site visit https://www.organiclea.org.uk/contact-us/ or call 020 8524 4994.

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