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Squashes and Quinces

Such great colours at this time of year! Bright orange Red Kuri Squash will be coming down to the stalls this week from Chingford, and a local garden is bringing some big ugly yellow quinces. Make this be the year you try them! Please come and join us at one of our stalls – Baker’s Arms or Leytonstone to gawp at the colours of autumn and maybe be persuaded to try something you’ve never tried before….?!

Quince and Apple. Firm friends
They are ugly, hard to cut, fiddly to peel, impossible to eat raw and altogether a bit too curious. BUT, hang on, don’t walk on by just yet, This is the season to take your apple tart to ‘another dimension’ as James Martin says… Nigel Slater also has a lot to say about their fragrance and beauty but then he generally does.

Try this. Buy a quince along with your apples on Saturday. Peel, chop and core it, and cook til soft. Then puree, and use as part of an apple pie or crumble, dazzling your friends and family with your sophisticated cooking flavours.

Then come back  and tell us how well it worked!

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