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Spring Garlic and Mushroom Pate

Garlic Mushroom Pate

Note to start with : the aim with this recipe is to keep the liquid
content as low as possible because it is intended to be used as a
bread-spreadable paste.

Fry some very finely sliced spring garlic with rosemary herb in a touch of light vegetable oil.
Very finely chop and dice button mushrooms, and stir in with some tomato  puree or passata.
Put a lid on the pan and sweat cook for five minutes, or until the mushrooms seem ready.
Add some chopped pitted black olives, turn off the heat, and pat down with a wooden spoon.
When it cools, it should hold together a little better and be ready to serve on fresh homemade bread.

If the olives came in salted water, or the tomato puree or passata was prepared with salt, there should be no need to season this to preserve it for a few days in the refrigerator. Otherwise, add a small amount of salt at the mushroom  cooking stage.


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