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Rise Up! for Lammas

This celebration takes place at Lammas time, a traditional festival with Celtic roots to mark the first harvest and the first loaf.

Free – all ages welcome

The day’s programme includes:

Bread stall from 10.30am – bring your homemade loaf to share

11am – Lammas ritual to start the festival in the old pagan way

All day from 11am – play dough for all ages!

All day from 11.30am – Milling flour with our stoneground mill – bring a container to take some home.

11.30am – Learning to bake bread for all ages – approx 3 hours with time in between. Limited numbers so book your place.

1.30pm – Story-telling workshop

3pm – short films, serious and amusing bread-related titles.

4.30pm – Bread stories and the Lammas toast. Hear and tell bread stories, share the Lammas loaf.

6pm – Harvest Feast – sharing bread, good food, beer, music and poetry.

Also remember:
Community Lammastide Picnic
Sunday 1st August 1-4.30pm
on Marsh Lane Fields

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