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    If you are requesting a discounted or free place, please tell us about your circumstances – let us know how you fit with the criteria we have for discounted and free places (see below). When we enrol you onto the course, we will send you an invoice and details of how to pay your fee.
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    Course fees: Solidarity, discounted and free places


    We are trialling a way to provide discounted spaces by encouraging all learners to read our short guidelines below and consider whether they may be able to pay a solidarity rate (standard fee plus up to 50% or more!) or should consider applying to pay a discounted rate (standard fee minus 50%) if they meet the criteria below. Courses are free for those on benefits and have no other income. By paying based on our available resources we can foster more equity, sustainability and diversity in our food system and work towards economic justice on a local level.

    The different fees for one/two day courses in May 2021 are:

    Financial situation One day course Two day course
    On benefits (e.g. UC, JSA) and with no other income Free Free
    -50%, Discounted rate £14.50 £29
    Standard fee £29 £58
    +50%, Solidarity rate £43.50 £86


    Course fee guide

    Below is a list of guidelines to assist you as you navigate the question of how much you can afford.

    Consider paying the solidarity rate (+50% OR an additional contribution up to this amount or above) if you agree with one or more of the below:

    □ You own the home you live in

    □ Have access to savings and/or inherited money

    □ Working part-time/not working is a choice (for example, have negotiated reducing hours to take this course or taking time out to consider a career change)

    □ Have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education i.e. educated to degree level

    Solidarity rates will offer someone support to take a course they may not otherwise be able to pay for.


    Consider applying for a discounted rate (-50%) if you:

    □ Support children or other dependents on one income

    □ Work part time/are on low income i.e. working less than 16 hours a week

    □ You do unpaid care work

    □ You do not qualify for state funds solely due to your immigration status


    Discounted places will be offered on a case by case basis depending on the amount of solidarity rates paid – please note that we can only offer this discount if there are solidarity fees paid.


    The following criteria will be used to assess applications for discounted fees:



    • Support children or other dependents on one income
    • Work part time/are on low income, not out of choice i.e. working less than 16 hours a week
    • Do unpaid care work
    • Do not qualify for state funds solely due to immigration status
    • And none of the points listed under “Consider paying the solidarity rate” apply

    In addition if there are more applications than we can support the following criteria will be used to select those who will receive a discounted fee. Those who meet more of these criteria will be successful:

    • From Black, Asian and ethnic minority community and/or Black, Indigenous, and people of colour
    • Disabled
    • Without basic skills (English and Maths)
    • Lone parent
    • Over 50 years of age or below 25 years of age
    • Anyone who is not a cis man including female, trans, gender queer and non-binary


    Consider applying for a free place if you:

    □ Are on Universal Credit, Job Seekers Allowance or a similar benefit and have no other income.

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