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Crusted Courgettes with Chard:

In a wide bowl, combine breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and herbs (thyme, parsley or rosemary). Slice the courgette length ways and pat firmly into the bread crumbs, covering each side. Heat a little oil in a frying pan. Wait till the …

15th May 2013

  Standard Vegetable Bags have baking potatoes (Kent), onions (Norfolk), carrots (Norfolk B), cauliflower (Suffolk), beetroot (Kent), chard (Dagenham), mixed salad, spring garlic (Chingford). No Potato Bags have same as standard bags but no potatoes and additional broad beans or …

24th April 2013

Standard Vegetable Bags have Marfona potatoes (Kent), onions (Cambs), carrots, (Norfolk B), spinach or chard (Norfolk), beetroot (UK), mushrooms (Suffolk), spring garlic, rocket (Chingford) No Potato Bags have same as standard, but with no potatoes and additional endive (Chingford) Large …

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