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February Open Day

February 17, 2017

Winter fruit care is the theme for this month’s seasonal blitz and open day.   Sunday 26 February, Hawkwood Nursery Seasonal Blitz morning: our weeekend volunteering opportunity, join us at 9.45 for a 10am-1pm session. We advise sturdy shoes and you are welcome to stay for the Hawkwood monthly Open Day afterwards. Please do let us […]

January Open Day

January 20, 2017

Sunday 29 January, Hawkwood Nursery A focus on birdlife for this month’s open day. Seasonal Blitz morning: our weeekend volunteering opportunity, join us at 9.45 for a 10am-1pm session. We advise sturdy shoes and you are welcome to stay for the Hawkwood monthly Open Day afterwards. Please do let us know in advance if you’d like […]

November Open Day

November 9, 2016

Sunday 27 November, Hawkwood Nursery This month our open day hosts the secret life of plants told through puppetry: a tufted grass, an Adder’s Tongue Fern and the Walthamstow Yellow Cress tell their stories through ballads, commentary and puppetry. The Mysteries in a Box is a Walthamstow Mysteries production that puts urban plants on the […]

October Open Day

October 12, 2016

World of Chillies Open Day Sunday 30 October, Hawkwood Nursery Celebrate the fiery taste of chillies with us at this month’s Hawkwood open day. Join in our seasonal blitz volunteer morning , take part in the forest school for children of all ages, or just enjoy good coffee and cake and a tour of this […]

June Open Day

June 20, 2016

Open Day, Sunday 26 June, 12-4pm, Hawkwood Nursery This month’s open day features the launch of our special Barbed Wit rhubarb beer made by the East London Brewing Company. Ruaridh from the brewery joined our grower Ru to harvest the ru-barb… it’s also our annual tribute to the poet John Clare, and we are joined […]

Compost Giveaway

May 20, 2016

Open Day, Sunday 29 May, 12-4pm, Hawkwood Nursery The open day comes round again with another opportunity to buy plants for your garden, get free compost, eat good cake and more! This month’s seasonal horticultural task is planting out, come along to a workshop to get tips and advice on giving your plants a good […]

Open Day Plant Sale

April 12, 2016

Open Day, Sunday 24 April, 12-4pm, Hawkwood Nursery This month’s Open Day sees our first plant sale of the season. We have popular favourites such as tomatoes, squash, courgettes – plants that are hard to get started without a greenhouse, and our growers can offer advice and aftercare tips. We have a whole range of […]

Seeds & Spuds

March 18, 2016

Open Day, Sunday 26 March, 12-4pm, Hawkwood Nursery This Open Day falls on Easter Sunday so we’re celebrating with (egg-shaped) potatoes, and the fertility of the seed. Bring your seeds to swap, pick up some potatoes ready to go in the ground (potato planting is traditionally a Good Friday activity but it can stretch over […]

February Open Day

February 17, 2016

Sunday 28 February: Nowhere Somewhere This Open Day celebrates our affinity with the ecotopian ideals of Waltham Forest local William Morris. For the last few months Organiclea volunteer and artist filmmaker Rosalind Fowler, the William Morris Gallery’s current artist in residence, has been creating some of her residency work at our Hawkwood Nursery site. Inspired […]

January Open Day

January 21, 2016

Sunday 31 January – Learn more about birds Enjoy the Hawkwood site through binoculars to learn more about woodland and garden birds from local enthusiasts: Organiclea is really pleased to be working alongside Lee Valley Nature Photographers’ (LVNP) membership who know the landscape of local birds incredibly well. At this Open Day, to celebrate the […]

November Open Day

November 18, 2015

Seeds, saplings and forest foraging: November Open Day at Hawkwood Nursery, Sunday 29 November 12-4pm This month’s open day has a focus on the woodland around us, with a foraging walk and a hunt for acorns and saplings to create new trees. Meanwhile a seed-saving workshop shares skills in creating new plant life in a […]

Open Day: 1 Nov

October 16, 2015

For the first time in seven years, our regular Sunday open day will not be on the last Sunday of the month, but the following Sunday, i.e. Sunday 1 November. A significant number of Organiclea’s team are heading to Yorkshire for a UK Food Sovereignty Gathering, so we have decided to nudge our Open Day […]

September Open Day

September 21, 2015

Sunday 27 September, 12-4pm Bring family, friends, neighbours, even surplus garden fruits are welcome! *Get food plants for your winter garden The plugs are now plants and we’ve potted them on – your final chance for winter greens! Plants available to grow NOW include LEAFY GREENS – kale and spinach; SALADS – such as winter […]

John Clare Day

June 20, 2015

June Open Day, CFGN Summer Gathering and John Clare celebration Hawkwood Nursery, Sunday 28 June, 12-4pm This month’s open day is a special one as we are hosting the Community Food Grower’s Network Summer Gathering as well as our annual celebration of locally-connected poet John Clare, including a John Clare site tour and an open […]

May Open Day

May 26, 2015

Spring lecture, compost and plants Hawkwood Open Day, Sunday 31 May This year’s Spring lecture and site-tour comment will be shared with Jojo Tulloh, author of ‘The Modern Peasant: Adventures in City Food’, inspiring in its demand for a more just food system written with poetry and passion for this work that connects people with […]

April Open Day & Compost Giveaway

April 15, 2015

Hawkwood Nursery, Sunday 26 April, 5am and 12-4pm This month’s open day has an additional element for early risers: come and listen to the amazing dawn chorus on this forest edge, with expert guidance from wildlife photographer David Cottridge. Tea and coffee on offer and then we encourage you to go for a walk (or […]

March Open Day

March 3, 2015

Hawkwood Nursery, Sunday 29 March, 12-4pm This month’s open day is part of the Cultivate Festival with a veritable feast of different activities, something for everyone! Take a look round our unique site and take part in shared work tasks and drop-in learning opportunities. Drop by at any time or stay for the day. We […]

Colin Tudge visit

February 11, 2015

February Open Day at Hawkwood with Colin Tudge Sunday 22 February, 12-4pm We are very happy to have Colin Tudge, biologist, journalist, zooologist and campaigner, joining us at Organiclea for our February Open Day. Colin is probably best known for his books The Secret Life of Trees, Good Food for Everyone Forever and Why Genes […]

January Open Day

January 20, 2015

This month’s open day focuses on fruit trees – old and new. There will be a grafting workshop – learn more about this technique to create new trees. And a wassail orchard tour – join in this traditional celebration to toast the success of the fruit harvest to come. The wonderful Forest School will also […]