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Potato Challenge Details: Secondary Schools


Create a short investigative report on how your school could grow enough potatoes to feed your school. Judges will favour reports that are illustrated with photos, drawings and research from primary and secondary sources.

Use the following thinksheet to help you and your students get started on answering the challenge: Could your school grow enough potatoes to feed itself?

Could Your School Grow Enough Potatoes to Feed Itself

This report will be judged on:
• how involved is your school? (how many students participated?)
• the quality of the maths
• use of scientific method
• professional format of the report
• analysis of challenges and well as recommendations


A feature article in the Jellied Eel magazine

Your school’s choice of fruit trees and bushes

An afternoon cooking workshop with Norman Loves Catering duo Jenny and Kate

A trip to Hawkwood Community Plant Nursery for 2015 Potato Fest.

The winning schools will be presented at Walthamstow Garden Party in July 2015.

Welcome to OrganicLea’s 2015 Potato Challenge, you are one of 5 other secondary schools participating in this borough wide competition.

The winner of the Potato Challenge 2015 will be crowned at the Waltham Forest Garden Party in July and will have the chance to win fabulous prizes from around London.

To win this competition, you all have to show off your skills as designers, food growers, investigative journalists, sustainable engineers, social entrepreneurs, horticulturalists and math wizzes. So the question is… COULD YOUR SCHOOL GROW ENOUGH POTATOES TO FEED THE SCHOOL?

Goal 1 GROW: Each school needs to grow potatoes as part of the challenge to show that you could indeed grow potatoes to feed your school. This includes chitting and planting out your potatoes.

Goal 2 CREATE: Each school can participate in the Earth Up Photo Contest, how creative can you get? How many classmates can you get involved? Costumes, mud sculptures, nothing is off limits in this mini-challenge.

Goal 3 EAT: The last mini-challenge before your school submits its report is to develop and try out the most creative potato recipe. We all know that potatoes make delicious mash, chips and crisps—but that’s been done. We would like to come up with a creative and healthy recipe that we will then publish on our website, in our newsletter and maybe even make it to sell at the Hornbeam café!

Teachers, here are some resources to help your students get creative and come up with a delicious and healthy recipe:

Workshop Outline: Creative Recipe- Workshop Outline

Potato Recipe Thinksheet: PotChal- Creative Potato Recipe

Recipe Template:  Creative Recipe- Template


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