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Potato Challenge Details: Primary Schools


Create a 1-2-page report on your experiment to see what soil produces more potatoes. Judges will favour reports that are illustrated with photos, drawings and interviews from teachers, staff, students, and parents. Use the following activity outline to support your students to answer:

Potato Challenge – Activity Pack Primary

This report will be judged on:
• how involved is your school? (how many students participated?)
• the quality of the maths
• use of scientific method
• format of the report
• list of recommendations

What do you have to do?

Goal 1 GROW: Each school needs to grow potatoes as part of the challenge to show that you could indeed grow potatoes to feed your school. This includes chitting and planting out your potatoes.

Goal 2 CREATE: Each school can participate in the Earth Up Photo Contest, how creative can you get? How many classmates can you get involved? Costumes, mud sculptures, nothing is off limits in this mini-challenge. Please submit your photos as JPEG images to schools@organiclea.org.uk.

Goal 3 EAT: We all know that potatoes make yummy mash, chips and crisps—but that’s been done. We would like to come up with a creative and healthy recipe that we will then publish on OrganicLea’s website, in our newsletter.

Use the following resources to help your students develop a creative and healthy recipe:

PotChal- Creative Potato Recipe

Creative Recipe- Workshop Outline

Your recipe may even be featured as a special in the Hornbeam café! Please submit your recipes to schools@organiclea.org.uk using the template below:

Creative Recipe- Template

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