A workers' cooperative growing food on London's edge in the Lea Valley

Hawkwood Summer

Many volunteers here have commented on how it’s an OrganicLea tradition to come together and in garden-fun ways celebrate the two turning points of the year (day of shortest light = winter solstice / day of longest light = summer solstice). Clearly this year – we cannot gather together for celebrations tied to significant seasonal changes. However, we have kept on gardening together and these photographs share some of the garden’s turning moments in the midsummer week, 2020. They start with some of the systems that keeps people and plants working together; then there are shots from the annual beds on another Hawkwood Wednesday 24 June. The big harvest month of August is really just around the corner.

And you’ll be pleased to know we did have a few participatory guessing games – that held us together in anticipation, while maintaining physical distances! Leeza guessed the correct weight of the garlic bulbs; and Tsouni’s climbing bean won the race to the top of the string in the glasshouse – with a sprint of about 1 week!

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