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Lucy & Hazel plus Fire Choir at OrganicLea

Friday 26 July 2024, 7pm – 10pm at Hawkwood Nursery

OrganicLea is hosting an evening of rousing songs from Lucy and Hazel and London’s very own Fire Choir. This is going to be a firey evening filled with passionate political songs, stories and harmonies!

Lucy and Hazel are a queer folk duo charming audiences with self penned folk laced with humour, harmonies and heartache. With influences drawn from a lifetime steeped in traditional English and European folk music, song and dance, Lucy and Hazel combine a love of groove, soulful raw harmonies and passionate song writing to give you hope in these strange times. On melodeon, clarinet, guitar and two distinct and powerful voices, Lucy and Hazel’s set will take you on a journey through themes of land and climate justice, feminism, apocalypse, power and platonic love.

Fire Choir is an open community choir who channel their passion for, or discontent with, this world through powerful communal singing that feeds the fire in your belly. Open to all, this community choir is dedicated to revitalising communal singing with activism and empowerment at its heart. It’s a vehicle to take rabble-rousing, soul-lifting chants and hollers to the streets, the auditoria, the recording studio and beyond.

Visit the Ticket Tailor page here to book: https://www.tickettailor.com/events/lucyandhazel/1274857

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