A workers' cooperative growing food on London's edge in the Lea Valley

Getting the Veg Out

We were pleased to receive all our usual produce from Sarah Green, Hughes Organics and other suppliers and to be able to get our box scheme fruit and veg out on time on Wednesday! Weather challenges aside, over the last few weeks we have been refining our pack and delivery systems – this is to manage the growing number of fruit and veg bags we distribute each week (over 500 now) with sustainable transport systems. A while back we outgrew the capacity of our milkfloat and had to supplement with a diesel van temporarily, but now we are doing a two-shift pack, with the first wave taken by ZED Waltham Forest‘s electric van passing on to their bicycle couriers, and the second on our milkfloat. Enjoy your low-carbon veg – we’re enjoying our new more relaxed pack and delivery system!

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