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Give a Grapevine


Join the vine lease scheme: lease a grapevine in our vineyard and receive the wine from your very own vine!


By leasing a grapevine in the Hawkwood Vineyard, you will receive a certificate and a welcome letter, the opportunity to come along and help with the pruning and harvest, and, of course, the wine from your very own vine.

If you would like to give a vine as a gift, we can email you the certificate and welcome letter to give to the recipient, and if you want personalised labels on your wine (eg. “To Dad”) then just let us know.

Once ripe, we will harvest the grapes and turn them into organic wine for you. You can choose between red or white wine when picking your vine, and you’re very welcome to come and help with the winemaking process. Until then, we will send you a seasonal newsletter to let you know how things are coming along in the vineyard and how your wine is developing.

The amount of wine produced from each vine will vary with the harvest, but we guarantee each vine lease will receive at least one bottle of wine per vine. Each vine lease costs £25 for one year.



    To lease a vine in the Hawkwood Vineyard, we just need the following information.

    Your name (required)

    Your email (required)

    If you are giving the vine(s) as a gift:

    The recipient’s name

    The recipient’s email address

    You can choose either to lease a vine that will give you white wine or a vine that will give you red wine. Our red wine is produced predominantly from Regent (a wonderful, early ripening variety), and our white wine is produced entirely from Madeleine Angevine (which produces a lovely, crisp and fruity wine).

    How many red/Regent vines would you like to lease?

    How many white/Madeleine Angevine vines would you like to lease?
    Payment: I confirm that I will pay by bank transfer: we will email you account details to make the payment. captcha As an anti-spam precaution, please enter the above code here:

    For more information please contact: craig@organiclea.org.uk



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