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2 March 2016

In the bags this week:

Produce from: Hughes Organics (Norfolk), Breckland Organics (Norfolk B), Woodlands Organics (Lincolnshire), Riverdale Farm (Cambridgeshire) and other small farmers in East Anglia, Sarah Green (Essex), our Hawkwood Plant Nursery growing site (Chingford) and local ‘Cropshare’ growers. Produce occasionally comes from organic farmer and local wholesaler Perry Court Farm (Kent) and from organic wholesaler Langridge (especially non-UK fruit). Contents may vary due to availability.

Standard vegetable bags have carrots, celeriac (Lincs), onion (Kent), Mushroom (Suffolk), Chioggia Beetroot (Devon), Red Beetroot, True Spinach (Norfolk), Ambo potatoes and Green Curly kale (Essex). No potato bags have leeks (Norfolk).

2 March 2016

Large vegetable bags have same as Standard bags (larger portions), plus additional leeks (Norfolk). No potato bags have Red cabbage (Lincs).

Medium vegetable bags have onion, Cauliflower (Kent), Celeriac, Red cabbage (Lincs), Ambo potatoes and Green Curly Kale (Essex). No potato bags have Chard (Kent).

Small vegetable bags have Ambo potatoes, Cavolo nero (Essex), onion, Cauliflower (Kent) and Parsnips (Lincs). No potato bags have Mushroom (Suffolk).

Standard fruit bags have bananas (Dominican Republic), Oranges (Spain), Mandarin, Kiwi (Italy) and Russet apples (Kent).

Medium fruit bags have bananas (Dominican Republic), Oranges (Spain), Kiwi (Italy) and Russet apples (Kent).

Small fruit bags have Oranges (Spain), Mandarin, Kiwi (Italy) and Russet apples (Kent).


About the Produce

True Spinach (Norfolk): A treat in the Standard and Large bags this week – “Good spinach should be lively, it should crunch and squeak as you stuff it into the bag” writes author Jane Grigson. Chef Rachel Roddy suggest serving simply wilted, well-drained and dressed with olive oil and a spritz of lemon. Alternatively follow the Roman method strascinata – “dragged” – in olive oil and garlic, sometimes with raisins and pine nuts.

Cauliflower (Kent): Delicious steamed, the superb texture and gentle flavour of these caulis really come into their own when roasted – especially when flavoured with cumin, chilli, garlic and lemon. Fry finely chopped chilli and garlic in olive oil, add freshly ground cumin and cook for a minute or so; coat the cauliflower florets and roast for about 30 minutes at 200C, squeezing the juice of half a lemon over before serving. Alternatively, frying inch-thick “steaks” of cauliflower with any of those partner flavours makes for a surprisingly meaty lunch alongside steamed green veg.

Russet apples (Kent): The definitive English russet apple, with the characteristic sweet/dry “nutty” flavour. This is an apple that dares to be different! It is a russet-skinned variety with a dry flesh – a style of apple that has not attracted the attentions of mainstream apple breeders, but nevertheless seems to have a dedicated following. It originates from England and is said to have been introduced around 1872 possibly by the estate of Lord Petworth in Sussex.

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