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Seed to Seed Event

On Friday 5th of February, OrganicLea will host a special event around seed saving –  the ancient art of producing your own seeds. Seed saving allows you to do far more than to save on the expense of buying in seeds. If you save your own seed, you become a seed breeder. Someone who adapts seed to his/her own environmental conditions. Doing it well means that you can create plants that are perfectly suited to your site and your taste. It also means that you can save your favourite varieties from going extinct, a danger facing many open-pollinated seeds. Seed saving can add fascinating elements of science, experimentation, independence and true food sovereignty to your growing efforts!

We are pleased welcome Nicholas Bell and Martina Widmer from the Seed to Seed project, who will give an introduction about seed saving and show us a selection of short films from the comprehensive Seed to Seed DVDs, which give step-by-step guidelines on how to save the seeds of 32 different vegetable varieties in a total of 432 minutes’ worth of footage. There will be time for questions and discussion, and we welcome anyone with seeds to share to bring them along! There’s more information about Seed to Seed on the following site: www.seedfilm.org.

Please come along to all or parts of the following on Friday 5th of February:

1.00pm – Shared lunch (bring your own / bring to share)

2.00-4.00pm – Join in on seed-focused horticultural tasks and / or site tours

4.00-5.30pm – Introduction to seed saving, film screenings and Q&A with the filmmakers

For directions to our Hawkwood site including bus, rail and river-cycle routes visit: https://www.organiclea.org.uk/contact-us. There is also parking available at the site.

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