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8 August 2015

In the bags this week:
Produce from: Hughes Organics (Norfolk), Breckland Organics (Norfolk B), Woodlands Organics (Lincolnshire), Riverdale Farm (Cambridgeshire) and other small farmers in East Anglia, Sarah Green (Essex), our Hawkwood Plant Nursery growing site (Chingford) and local ‘Cropshare’ growers. Produce occasionally comes from organic farmers David and Jane Barker (Norfolk), organic farmer and local wholesaler Perry Court Farm (Kent) and from organic wholesaler Langridge (especially non-UK fruit). Contents may vary due to availability.
Standard vegetable bags have New potatoes, Spring onions (Essex), Carrots, Courgettes (Norfolk), Spinach (Hampshire), Cucumbers, Beetroot and Mixed Chillies (Chingford).
Standard No potato bags have Spring onions (Essex), Carrots, Courgettes (Norfolk), Mange tout (Lancs), Spinach (Hampshire), Cucumber, Mixed Chillies (Chingford), Tomatoes (Norfolk).

Large vegetable bags have New potatoes, Spring onions, Chard (Essex), Carrots, Courgettes, Aubergine (Norfolk), Cucumbers, Beetroot (Chingford) , Mange tout (Lancs). No potato bags have Celery (Norfolk) and Peas (Lancs) instead of Beetroot and Mange tout, plus Mushrooms (Norfolk).
Medium veg bags have New potatoes, Spring onions, Beetroot, Chard (Essex), Tomatoes (Norfolk) and Cucumber (Chingford). No potato bags have Kohl rabi (Essex).

Small vegetable bags have New potatoes, Spring onions (Essex), Aubergine (Norfolk), Cucumber and Mixed salad (Chingford). No potato bags have Spring onions (Essex), Courgette, Peppers (Norfolk), Beetroot, Mixed salad (Chingford), and last week’s missing Tomatoes (Norfolk or Chingford).
Standard fruit bags have Bananas (Dominican republic), Pears (France), Cherries (Gloucestershire), Plums (Herefordshire) and Peaches (Chingford).
Medium fruit bags have Pears (France), Cherries (Gloucestershire), Plums (Herefordshire) and Peaches (Chingford).
Small fruit bags have Bananas (Dominican Republic), Plums (Herefordshire) and Blackcurrants (Chingford).
About the Produce:
Mixed Chillies (Chingford): We’re growing 52 varieties from every continent this year in our ever-evolving “World Of Chillies”. From the Croatian Lobrasan to the Black Bangladeshi Kala Morich, each seed has been carefully collected from seed banks, swaps, and seed saving projects and are lovingly propagated in our glasshouse. Full of capsaicin, which activates adrenaline and endorphins to boost blood flow and metabolism and create a ‘feel good’ sensation, they will also provide most of your B vitamins, as well as vitamins C and A, iron, potassium and magnesium.
Mange Tout/Peas (Lancs): It has been very difficult in the past to find British-grown peas and mangetout. Often grown as far afield as Kenya, we are happy to be able to sell mangetout and shelling peas which have been grown right here in the UK. For such a fresh and succulent crop it only makes sense to eat them as soon after picking as possible. They are crisp and sweet and can be served raw, or lightly steamed, boiled or stir-fried.
Peaches (Chingford): It may have taken a few weeks for our fuzziest fruit offering to reach optimum size and sweetness but this week they are finally there and we think they were worth waiting for! We do apologise again for sending some out a bit too early in the last few weeks, and we hope you enjoy these – use your sense of smell to choose the optimum eating moment.

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