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19 August 2015

In the bags this week:

Produce from: Hughes Organics (Norfolk), Breckland Organics (Norfolk B), Woodlands Organics (Lincolnshire), Riverdale Farm (Cambridgeshire) and other small farmers in East Anglia, Sarah Green (Essex), our Hawkwood Plant Nursery growing site (Chingford) and local ‘Cropshare’ growers. Produce occasionally comes from organic farmer and local wholesaler Perry Court Farm (Kent) and from organic wholesaler Langridge (especially non-UK fruit). Contents may vary due to availability.

Standard vegetable bags have New potatoes, Peppers, Lettuce (Essex), Fresh onions, Carrots, Beans (Norfolk), Cucumbers and Radish (Chingford).

Standard No potato bags have Collard greens (Essex) instead of Radish, plus Beetroot (Chingford).

Large vegetable bags have New potatoes, Kohl Rabi, Broccoli (Essex), Carrots, Fresh onions, Mushroom (Norfolk), Cucumber, Chillies and Mixed salad (Chingford). No potato bags have Aubergine (Norfolk).

Medium veg bags have New potatoes (Essex), Fresh onions, Courgette, Sweetcorn (Norfolk), Mixed salad, Cucumber and Chillies (Chingford). No potato bags have Fennel (Essex).

Small vegetable bags have New potatoes, Spinach (Essex), Fresh onions (Norfolk), Cucumber and Beetroot (Chingford). No potato bags have Fresh onions, Aubergine (Norfolk), Lettuce (Essex), Beans/Tomatoes plus Cucumber (Chingford).

Standard fruit bags have Bananas (Dominican Republic), Melons (Italy), Lemons (Spain), Plums (Herefordshire) and Discovery apples (Cambs).

Medium fruit bags have Bananas (Dominican Republic), Discovery apples (Cambs), Peaches and Greengages (Chingford).

Small fruit bags have Discovery apples, Plums (Cambridgeshire) and Nectarines (Chingford).

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