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27 May 2015

In the bags this week:

Produce from: Hughes Organics (Norfolk), Breckland Organics (Norfolk B), Woodlands Organics (Lincolnshire), Riverdale Farm (Cambridgeshire) and other small farmers in East Anglia, Sarah Green (Essex), our Hawkwood Plant Nursery growing site (Chingford) and local ‘Cropshare’ growers. Produce occasionally comes from organic farmer and local wholesaler Perry Court Farm (Kent) and from organic wholesaler Langridge (especially non-UK fruit). Contents may vary due to availability.

Standard vegetable bags have Sante potatoes, Cauliflower (Lincs), carrots (Scotland), Spring onions, Spring greens (Kent), Perpetual Spinach and Broad Beans (Chingford). No potato bags have Thyme (Kent).

Large vegetable bags have same as standard with more potatoes and carrots, plus Asparagus (Lincs). No potato bags have Lettuce (Essex).

Medium veg bags have Sante potatoes, carrots (Scotland), Cauliflower (Lincs), Spinach (Kent), Mushrooms (Suffolk) and Wet garlic (Chingford). No potato bags have Tarragon (Chingford).

Small vegetable bags have Sante potatoes, carrots (Scotland), Mushrooms (Suffolk), Wet garlic and Mixed salad (Chingford) or Spinach (Kent). No potato bags have Spinach (Kent).

Standard fruit bags have bananas (Dominican Republic), Ruby grapefruit (Corsica), Navelina oranges, lemons (Spain) and Rhubarb (Chingford).

Medium fruit bags have bananas (Dominican Republic), Ruby grapefruit (Corsica), Navelina oranges (Spain) and Rhubarb (Chingford).

Small fruit bags have bananas (Dominican Republic), ), Ruby grapefruit (Corsica) and Navelina oranges (Spain).


About the Produce:

Wet Garlic (Chingford): With a nutty-oniony flavor that is well-suited to stir fries, these juicy bulbs can be freshly sliced into salads or cooked up as a substitute for onions or leeks. Use it as soon as possible away since it doesn’t keep well in the fridge.


Spring Onions (Kent):. We’ve substituted onions for their younger counterparts in the bags this week, and they’re unexpectedly versatile. When griddled in a heavy, dry frying pan over a high flame, for example, they develop a deliciously faint taste of brown sugar. In Tarragona, Spain, the Catalans hold a festival every January to celebrate the calçot, a local variety that is grilled, dipped into romesco sauce and consumed whole.

Rhubarb (Chingford): Our sensational rhubarb crop is finally showing signs of slowing down so enjoy it while you can. Over at the Hornbeam Café, Norman Loves are using theirs for a raw Rhubarb sushi feast this weekend.

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