8 Oct 2014

Standard vegetable bags: Ambo potatoes (Essex), carrots, onions, Cauliflower (Essex), Squash (Norfolk), Sweetcorn (Norfolk) and Broccoli (Norfolk), Chard, red peppers (Essex) No potato bags have new season flat beans (Essex)

Large vegetable bags: as standard bags with larger quantities of potatoes, carrots, onions, broccoli, and sweet corn.

Small veg bags: Ambo potatoes (Essex), carrots, mixed salad (Chingford), Pentland Brigg Kale (Chingford), cauliflower (Essex) and chillies (Chingford) No potato bags have cape broccoli

Standard fruit bags have bananas (Dominican Republic), Pomegranates (Spain) grapes (Italy), Clementines (Spain) and apples (Kent).

Small fruit bags have apples and conference pears (Kent), grapes (Italy), bananas (Dominican Republic)

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