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Course: Introduction to the Honeybee

An Introduction to the Honeybee

Sunday, October 12th 2014

Hawkwood Plant Nursery, Chingford

People are becoming increasingly aware of the issues around honeybees and their ecological importance. We all know they pollinate our fruits and vegetables but do we know the difference between and queen and a worker? Or what a swarm is? This is an opportunity to have a more in depth look at the intricate life of the honeybee and answer these questions and more.

We will cover basic bee biology, swarming, introduce the concepts behind Sustainable Beekeeping and spend time observing honeybees up close.

This course is suitable for all beginners. We will introduce principles of Sustainable Beekeeping but we will run a course looking in detail at the practical aspects later in the year.

You will need: Good boots, clothes for all weather, paper, pens, a veil if you have one.
The course is taught by Sean Hearn and is held at Hawkwood Nursery with a mostly classroom sessions and some practical/observation work in the Hawkwood apiary.

To book a place, we are asking for a £35 non-refundable fee

Reserve your place by booking your place now on our registration page:


On the day, bring your own lunch and food to share with the group.



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