30 July 2014

Standard vegetable bags have New potatoes (Essex), carrots (Norfolk), onion(Norfolk), garlic (Chingford), cucumber(Chingford), mushrooms (Norfolk), aubergine (Norfolk), peppers (Norfolk) No potato bags have carrots, onion, garlic, (Chingford), mushrooms, aubergine (Norfolk), peppers, courgette, tomatoes (Chingford) and french beans (Chingford).

Large vegetable bags have same as standard bags with larger quantities of potatoes, onions, carrots, garlic, cucumbers, mushrooms, aubergine, tomatoes and mixed Salad

Small veg bags have New potatoes (Essex), carrots (Norfolk), Salad (Chingford), garlic (Chingford), cucumber (Chingford), courgette (Norfolk). No potato bags have tomatoes (Chingford)

Standard fruit bags have Cape gooseberries (Chingford), peaches (Chingford), gages (Waltham Forest), pears (France), Bananas.

Small fruit bags have cherries (UK), Plums (Waltham Forest), Pears (France)

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