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Leafy Green Celery

Every year we find ourselves with abundance of leafy green celery. It is different from your supermarket white crunchy stuff which has been bred to look like blanched celery where growers would traditionally mound up the soil around the plant to remove light and photosynthesis from the stem (leaving it white). We grow a traditional variety of celery which has green stems and green leaves. The leaves are parsley like and strong in flavour and excellent for cooking with.

The stems and leaves both lend themselves well as the base for stocks and leave any soup, stew or risotto with the most beautiful flavour.

Here we have links to some favourite recipes to see you on your way.

Celery Leaf Pesto for pasta or grilled summer vegetables

Celery Gnocchi with an excellent celery leaf and mint sauce which is great on pasta too

Celery Soup a great simple base recipe with potatoes or red lentils

Green Gazpacho – based on an Otelenghi recipe.


And finally a link to a nice piece on how to grow celery by Alys Fowler





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