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Community wine

A Community Wine Making Scheme for London Gardeners

Do you grow grapes in your garden or allotment that you would like to have made into a clean and pleasant tasting wine? We are inviting you to bring your harvested grapes to the NEW Hawkwood Winery this autumn. The first winery in London since the Middle Ages, Hawkwood winery has been built to produce wine from Organiclea’s vineyard and on behalf of other small scale growers.

We will be making two separate batches of wine – red and white, and then return the finished wine to the participating households in the proportion of grapes they have delivered to this year’s vintage.  The day on which the grapes are to be delivered to the winery will be decided at the beginning of September, and will depend on how grapes are ripening across London in this particular year. It will most likely be either Saturday 21 September or Sunday 29 September. Participants in the wine making scheme will be informed in good time of the set date. In return for your grapes and a minimal production fee, Hawkwood Winery will ferment, clarify, age and stabilise the wine, releasing it to you in bottles with labels by September 2014.  For more information read Marko’s blog here.

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