A workers' cooperative growing food on London's edge in the Lea Valley

19th June 2013

Standard Vegetable Bags have new potatoes (Jersey), bunched carrots (Dagenham/Norfolk), spring onions (Norfolk & Kent), mushrooms (Suffolk), spinach or chard (Norfolk and Leyton), radishes (Essex), and Mixed salad (Chingford).  Standard No Potato Bags have fennel (Dagenham).

Large Vegetable Bags have larger portions of potatoes, mushrooms and spinach or chard with additional fennel.

Small Vegetable Bags have new potatoes and courgettes (Jersey), spring onions (Norfolk & Kent), chard (Chingford) and a lemon (Italy). Small No Potato Bags have cucumbers (Glos) or bunched carrots (Dagenham).

Standard Fruit Bags have rhubarb, (Chingford), cherries and peaches (Spain), and oranges (Italy).

Small Fruit Bags have apricots and cherries (Spain), bananas (Dominican Republic) and oranges (Italy).

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