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Saturday & Sunday 2 – 3 March 2013, 9.30am-3.30pm

The essentials of pruning and growing fruit trees and bushes: a weekend course for beginner and experienced gardeners who have (or would like) fruit trees and bushes and would like to know how to properly establish and maintain them.

This course seeks to build skills and knowledge in:
*general pruning principles and practice – applicable to fruiting and flowering trees, bushes and shrubs;
*choosing the right tree/bush/shrub for the right place – site design and selection;
*planting techniques;
*initial after-care for healthy growth;
* growing healthy plants: disease and deficiency identification and prevention;
*specific pruning and planting techniques, including a range of wall/fence training techniques;
*appropriate tools for pruning and plant care;
*propagation techniques – hardwood cuttings;
*an introduction to forest garden design and practice.

The course will combine classroom-based learning with practical training in the Nursery glasshouses and at a local allotment site’s fruit garden.

Wear sturdy shoes, and all weather gear for outdoor practical sessions. Bring gardening gloves and secAteurs for pruning practicals if you have them.
Lunch will be provided. Tea and coffee facilities are available at the site. The tutors are Marlene Barrett and Sean Hearn from Organiclea.

Course fee: £150/ £100 / £50 – see our course fee guide for details of how concessions apply.
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