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Veolia Boycott

Organiclea, along with other community growing projects in London, have pioneered a boycott of Veolia’s green waste compost.

We made a decision to boycott Veolia’s compost because of the company’s records of human rights breaches in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

The Russell Tribunal on Palestine advises that’s Veolia’s commercial activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories make Veolia liable for serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.

The Russell Tribunal’s advice corresponds to the International Court of Justice’s advisory opinion in 2004 that the construction by Israel of a wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory and its associated regime are contrary to international law.

As a community organisation working to build resilient human communities through sustainable food production we feel that buying the products of companies who are liable for violations of human rights and humanitarian law would compromise our core values.

The decision to undertake the compost boycott was made in solidarity with the Palestinian Farmers Union who thanked us for the support and called for further boycotts of companies that profit from the occupation of Palestine. Veolia have yet to respond to our letter.

For more information about the Palestinian Farmers Union and the international boycotts of Veolia see:


www.pafu.ps/eg and www.bdsmovement.net

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