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Spinach – Another Cropshare Collaboration!

Box Scheme members who’ve been around since the heady days of last summer will remember BEANS WEEK – produce from 5 different local growers went into bags in one week including 18k of green beans… This week we have spinach: coming from three allotments in North and East London, supplemented with some from Chingford and Norfolk. The recent warm patch injected some life into the winter leaves, and as a result we will be packing up to 20kilos into our wonderful bags. Next week, we may be lucky enough to do the same with Chard.
This happy collaboration so early in the season is a perfect example of why community supported growing -like our box scheme- works so well. We can respond to plant growth, and supply, and keep you the customer in the loop about what we’re doing. If you were buying in a shop you may not have chosen spinach this week, unaware of what was going on at the other end of the supply chain.  So – thank you box scheme peeps for putting your veg decisions in our hands!

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