A workers' cooperative growing food on London's edge in the Lea Valley

Stall: Volunteer!

If you’re reading this you probably know already how unique the Organiclea Community Stall at the Hornbeam is and why it’s here. We sell local, fresh and sustainably grown or made produce;  if something is not otherwise available in the UK it is ethically sourced in solidarity with global producers.

Can you help out for four hours every three weeks, for a few months?

The funding that helped us establish a lot of Organiclea’s distribution will end in the autumn. To keep the stall as local and accessible as it is, and our connections with very small producers, is labour-intensive.  Regular volunteer support on the stall helps us to break-even and also keeps the stall community-run.

We can offer: A hearty meal in the cafe, a great atmosphere and some good street-corner conversation all in half a day’s work! We can’t offer: good weather.  But you won’t notice the heat or cold in the excitement of it all, promise.

Come down on Saturdays and talk to our current volunteers Ollie, Catherine, Tony or Rasheeqa if you want some insider knowledge!

Look at a role description and application form here.

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