A workers' cooperative growing food on London's edge in the Lea Valley

Let Us Dig

The shot above is of the on going effort to get the bramble crowns out of the kitchen garden, so called as it was the location of the original kitchen garden back in the day when this land was the site of Hawkwood House.

There is lots of earth to be turned but luckily there are lots and lots of volunteers who enjoy digging.

Next photo up is Ed doing a sterling job of marking out the new glasshouse beds using a big noisy dusty machine to grind through the old concrete before we smash it up with sledgehammers (whilst wearing googles of course – Nicole)

Down on the terraces a lot of scrub has been cut back to allow more sunlight in (I think, must check with Sean!).

Some of the wood has ended up on the woodpile and the rest used to make a dead hedge which is a fabulous habitat for bugs and beasties to hang out. It is basically a fancy name for a long pile of twigs which can also act as a boundary.

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