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School Trailer Travels

Can we bring our trailer to your school?!

This is the newly merchandised trailer, on its first trip out last week!  We took example produce, leaflets and lots of free apples and pears to Leytonstone –  to publicise the box scheme and stall to parents and children at a primary school.  It was great, really fun and we’d love to do it again!  The end of the school day or a morning nursery session seems a good time to chat to parents, and we’re happy just to set up at your gates and catch people as they come and go.

Do you know a school or children’s centre in Waltham Forest you could arrange a visit with?    If  so, please let them know about us and give them our details.  If they’re happy for it, you could also pass their details on to Rebecca – box@organiclea.org.uk

See you at the school gates!

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