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Sharing the learning

Involved in a community food project? Join a ‘share in the learning’ event hosted at the Hawkwood Plant Nursery on Saturday 15th May, 2-5pm.

‘From the clay soils of Northeast London to the global politics of food production’: Come share in a learning day for London’s Community Food Projects on Saturday 15 May from 2-5pm (with an opportunity to stay until 7pm). Photographs from your projects compulsory.. read on..

Taking place at the Hawkwood Plant Nursery in Northeast London workshops will be supported by growers and community food workers from Organiclea (in Waltham Forest) and Growing Communities (in Hackney) and others. They will deal with practical growing issues, project development and shared visions about where we are going together. Sessions will include:

  • Practical tips to prepare new ground for planting which will include methods of clearing and choosing the right plants for the right place.
  • Project sustainability: People and financing: How we organise and how can we generate income from our activities.
  • Approaching composting as a community food project which will include an introduction to methods used at Organiclea and Growing Communities market gardens.
  • Seasonal tips and activities – what’s going on in mid-May for the vegetable and fruit grower.
  • Involving the world beyond the garden; building our projects up from the grassroots – growing people as well as plants.

The afternoon will close with a session capturing ideas on how projects can make a difference in communities and to the global politics of food production.

The formal part of the afternoon will finish at 5pm, but people are encouraged to stay and from 5-7pm when there will be light refreshments and an opportunity to take part in a tour of the 12 acre Hawkwood site. There will also be an opportunity to buy vegetable seedlings hand-raised at the site, at a discounted price for community food projects

All participants are encouraged to bring along a photograph or two from your growing site, which will be mounted on the wall during the afternoon.

The event is taking place at a site which grows food. The Hawkwood Plant Nursery in Chingford is Organiclea’s main food growing site. The site is in its first year of significant production growing a range of vegetables and fruit and vegetable seedlings which are for local sale. Work is carried out by a team of growers from the workers cooperative and lots of local volunteers who support the project’s aim to encourage more food
growing in London.

We hope the afternoon will be enjoyable and inspire us all in our work and learning! To register contact clare@organiclea.org.uk or call Organiclea at the Hawkwood Nursery on 020 8558 6880.

Directions to Hawkwood Plant Nursery. Growing site for Organiclea Map and directions at contact us

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