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Why buy from us?

Why buy from OrganicLea instead of a supermarket?

OrganicLea is an important community hub that provides a range of opportunities for people in the local area to grow and develop skills. We have a mission to improve our community and to inspire wider social change.  Through buying from OrganicLea you are helping to support this. Our ‘box scheme’ – paying the same amount every week for a week’s supply of fresh local produce – is the best way of getting hold of good value organically grown produce that’s as local as possible.  It’s a shopping choice – but it’s also one of the strongest actions you can take to strengthen the economy of your community and support farmers near you.

In contrast, supermarkets exist to generate profits for shareholders, they do not sell a range of affordable local organic food, they tend to exploit the farmers that produce the food, and contribute hugely to carbon emissions by transporting your food from around the world.

If you buy from OrganicLea, you will know the people who grow your food, and you’ll be helping to challenge the current unsustainable food system.

Why Organic?

Organic farming works with nature, and the soil’s natural fertility, instead of using oil-based fertilisers and chemicals. Organic is:

– a healthier way of producing food

– better for the planet

– better for wildlife – it encourages bugs, birds and bees.

All the produce in our box scheme has been produced organically without chemicals, most of the produce is certified organic. And you can read more about our sourcing and growing ethics here.

Isn’t it expensive?

There are a few ways of looking at this…

Firstly, compared to supermarket organic food, it’s often cheaper.

Secondly, when we do the budgeting for you – in the box scheme – we get to choose the best value selection for that week so you will always be sure of the most for your money.

And, last but not least… this is the price it costs to grow fruit and vegetables! Without causing lasting damage to our environment, making sure that everybody along the line of production gets a fair price for what they do, and providing a professional service. We cannot do this any cheaper – so if someone is selling it cheaper, somebody somewhere is losing out!

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