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How do I plan my meals?!

The way the box scheme works means that you should always have a supply of potatoes, carrots and onions in your cupboard.  You’ll also get some kind of salad most of the year, and a ‘green’ item like cabbage or kale.  Here’s an example of one customer’s veggie week – the takeaway’s not compulsory, but it gives you an idea!

My Veggie Week:

September Standard Veg Bag

Potatoes, Carrots, Onions, Salad leaves, Tomatoes, Kale, Cauliflower, Squash, Mushrooms

(Using Garlic, Leeks and Beetroot from previous week)


Burgers in buns with salad leaves and tomatoes

Thursday (Cooking for Friends):

Mackerel with a herb crust with:

garlic/ginger kale, roast squash, cauliflower cheese


Cook potatoes into wedges.  Half into the freezer.

Eat half with takeaway pizza


Mushrooms/tomatoes with cooked breakfast

Roast squash soup, salad

Frozen pie with boiled carrots and leeks


Sausage and mash,  steames Kale


Pasta sauce – Chard, onions, garlic


Carrot/cauliflower/beetroot coleslaw with Jacket potato

If you are a real planner, or have extremely specific likes and dislikes, the box scheme might not be for you but you can shop at either one of our stalls – at the Hornbeam on Saturdays, or at the Hawkwood Farm Stall on Wednesdays.

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