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Holiday weeks

What happens when I go on holiday?

When we set the prices for the bags (which are worked out annually and averaged out over each month), we assume that everyone on the box scheme will go on holiday for 4 weeks each year; and our prices reflect this. If we didn’t do this, prices would be higher.

If you go away for just 4 weeks a year, then you will not have paid for produce that you are not receiving. If you go for away for longer than 4 weeks, and you let us know in advance, we can refund you for each week over the 4 weeks that you do not want your bags. If you go away from less than 4 weeks a year you are just getting more great fruit and veg!

Notice of Holiday:

We always ask that you let us know the Friday before the next Wednesday delivery for your week away to be considered a “holiday”. We do our ordering in advance and if you let us know too late, we’ve already ordered in veg and fruit for your bag.

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