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Holiday weeks

What happens when I go on holiday?

When you take a holiday, we refund the price of the bags you don’t receive by taking the cost away from your next month’s payment. For example, if you receive a small veg bag (£33 per month/£7.62 per week) and take one week’s holiday in August, we’ll take the £7.62 away from your payment in September.

If you plan to go away for a week, let us know via your online account or at box[at]organiclea.org.uk. You have the option of a) donating your bag to a community food distribution project, or b) we can deduct the cost of that week’s bag in your following month’s payments.

Alternatively, how about getting a friend to pick up your bag and try our veg for a week? If you do so there’s no need to email us, just let them know how to get your bag. If for some reason you miss collecting your bag, we try to donate the veg to places like The People’s Kitchen at The Hornbeam Cafe so it doesn’t go to waste.

Notice of Holiday:

We always ask that you let us know a week before before the next Wednesday delivery for your week away to be considered a “holiday”. Email us at box[at]organiclea.org.uk to let us know if you’d like to take a holiday or donate your bag. Our cut-off point is 9am on the Wednesday. We do our ordering in advance and if you let us know too late, we’ve already ordered the veg and fruit for your bag.

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